Where to eat in Venice

We have put together a list of our favourite gastronomic experiences in Venice, omitting the more well known hotel/restaurants. We do hope that you enjoy them as much as we have…


"Alle Testiere" Osteria Con Cucina
Castello 5801, S.Lio Calle del Mondo Novo (041 522 7220)
Very small but exquisite food.

Al Covo
Campiello della Pescaria, Castello 3968;
Closed Wed and Thu; 041 522 3812
Wonderful fish restaurant owned by a Venetian and his American wife. Highly recommended. Also mentioned in Conde Nast Traveller (July 2005) in Top 10 Best Restaurants in Italy; praised by the late Ruth Rogers of the River Café.

Da Fiore
San Polo 2202, Calle del Scaleter
(not Sun or Mon; 041 721 308)
Well known but unbeatable cuisine.

L'Osteria di Santa Marina
Castello, Campo Santa Marina 5911 (041 528 5239)
Closed on Sun and Mon for lunch.
Finely prepared menu. VA favourites are the three different types of fish carpaccio, delicate scampi in soar, calamaretti on a bed of lime fragranced potatoes and but the all is trumped by the homemade petit–fours. Sitting outside during Summer.

Osteria Oliva Nera
Castello 3417/18 ( 041 52 22 170)
Tiny but excellent - wines and food. Try the lamb.

Osteria Anice Stellato
Ffondamenta de la Senza
Cannaregio 3272 (041 720 0744)
Excellent fish restaurant. Closed Monday and Tuesday.


Calle delle Erbe 268, Giudecca
(not Mon-Tue or Jan, Aug; 041 522 7780)
Traditional fish trattoria on canopied canalside terrace. Good value and friendly. Word on the street is that it is Robert de Niro’s favourite restaurant to come to when in Venice.

Calle dell’Avogaria 1629, Dorsoduro. T: 041 296 0491.
First minimalist restaurant in Venice with clean interiors and delicious authentic Puglian flavours. VA loves the fusilli salentini with artichoks and shrimp. To die for.

Corte Sconta
Calle del Pestrin 3886, Castello
(not Sun-Mon or Jan, early summer; 041 522 7024)
Delicious antipasti and good local wine from the Veneto region.

Da Ignazio
San Polo, 2749, 30125 Venezia
Tel: 041 523 4852.
Sweet garden and lovely food.

Da Remigio
Ponte dei Greci 3416, Castello
(not Mon-Tue; 041 523 0089)
Excellent fish. Good family restaurant but we advised booking well in advance.

Fiaschetteria Toscana
Salizzada S Giovanni Gristomo 5719, Cannaregio
(not Mon lunch or Tue; 041 528 5281)
In spite of its name a haven of fine Venetian cooking. Wonderful cheeseboard and tempting desserts.

Il Nuovo Galeon Ristorante
Castello 1308, Via Garibaldi (041 520 4656)
Venetian cooking with flair. One can sit out in summer just off the Garibaldi Park. Fine selection of marinated fish and very good wine. Try the Ribolla Gialla (bianco).

Il Ridotto
Campo Santi Filippo e Giacomo 4509
T el: 041 520 8280
Novel for Venice a 12 seated eaterie with modern exposed brick, VA loves the head chef Gianni Bonaccorsi. One delight; trio of fish tartare; salmon, mullet and prawn contrasted with citrus fruit and veg. Wine list also v good.

Ponte dell’Umilta’ 19, Zattere.
T: 041 241 1881
Suck in the view across the Giudecca Canal on this terrace that floats. Very good Venetain fare ( try the sea bass with capers and vanilla infused potatoes) and very good Venetain views.

Ristorante Agli Alboretti
Accademia 882, Venezia 30123 (041 523 0058, 041 521 0158)
Closed on Wed and Thurs for lunch.
Lovely garden courtyard. Elegant little spot. International and Venetian cuisine.

Bentigodi di Chef Domenico
Calesele, Cannaregio 1423 (041 8223714)
Closed Tuesdays
Just off Strada Nuova - San Marcuola vaporetto stop Line #1. Really great wine selection and all food is seasonal and freshly prepared as and when you order. Heaven.

Ristorante Riviera
Zattere 1473, Dorsoduro (near S Basilio vaporetto stop)
(not Mon; 041 522 7621)
Excellent food and service. Great for warm-weather eating outside, with a stunning view of the Giudecca Canal, or cosy inside for winter evenings.

Trattoria Do Mori
Fondamenta Sant' Eufemia, Giudecca 588
(not Sunday) 041 522 5452
A popular and welcoming restaurant run by the former chef at Harry’s Bar, serving both pizza and a full restaurant menu on the front near the Palanca vaporetto stop

Vini da Gigio
Strada Nova 3628/A, Cannaregio
(not Mon; 041 528 5140)
Friendly atmosphere. Good cooking, seriously good wine.


Acqua Pazza
Campo S Angelo 3080 (closed Mon: 041 277 0688)
Neapolitan specialties, authentic pizzas and good outside seating on summer evenings. Try the ice cream as well.

Al Bacareto
Calle delle Boteghe 3447, San Marco
(not Sat; 041 528 9336)
Picturesque local bar/trattoria that improves year on year. More on the expensive side.

Al Bacco
Fondamenta Capuzine 3054, Cannaregio
(not Mon; 041 717 493)
Fish cooked in surroundings as authentically local and traditional as you'll get.

Ria Terà Canal 3062, Dorsoduro
(not Mon and Tues for lunch; 041 522 2404)
Sardinian meat specialities and wine. No fish.

La Zucca
Santa Croce 1762, San Giacomo dell'Orio.
(not Sun: 041 524 1570)
Not strictly vegetarian but has a wide range of vegetables very imaginatively produced.


Venetian "pubs" (bacari, cantine, enoteche, osterie, etc.) are basically (or originally) stand up wineshop-bars which also sell local snacks (cicheti) at the bar or tramezzi during the day (delicious full to bursting triangular sandwiches). Always down sidestreets and usually crowded, noisy and cheerful, they provide an alcoholic alternative to a restaurant dinner.

Alla Vendova
Ramo Ca'd'Oro 3912, Cannaregio
(not Thurs, Sun lunch or Aug; best book if you want a table: 041 528 5324)

Alla Zattere 795
Zattere Dorsoduro (041 520 4224).
Great views across the Giudecca Canal and lovely to sit close to the water on a hot day soaking up the sun and breeze. Recommend the pizzas.

Enoteca Boldrin
Salizzada S Canciano 5550, Cannaregio
(not Sun; 041 523 7859)

Campo dell’Erbaria 130, Rialto. T: 041 724 1035.
Lovely little wine bar/ osteria. Owner’s family makes award wining wines. Good choice for apertitivi and cocktails but to soak this up there is also a delicious fusion sushi menu. Love it.

Osteria San Marco
Frezzeria 1610. Tel: 041 528 5242.
Delight in art, wine, cheese, jam and delicious John Dory. Something different.

Risticceria San Bartolomeo
Calle della Bissa 5425, S Marco
(041 277 0043)
Take away or in house eatery, fun and popular.

Vecio Fritolin
Calle della Regina, Rialto 2262 (041 522 2881, 041 275 9170)
Fabulous seafood heaven. Even can get the Venetian equivalent to take a way fish and chips ‘ scartosso de pesce’. A must.


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