Apartments in Venice

Apartments in Venice

When you book with Venetian Apartments (now in our 26th year!) you can rest assured that your apartment has been carefully vetted by us. We know all of the apartments personally, and there is very little we do not know about this wonderful city.

We select only those properties that we are happy to stay in ourselves, and work constantly with owners to help them upgrade and be aware of new developments in technology and home automation for example, as well as essential home comforts none of us can now live without!

We are here to help you find the right apartment to suit you - our response times are excellent. Communication is never a problem as we are all native/ fluent English speakers!

Who will meet you?
We have a tried and trusted system of individually assigned property managers who personally look after your apartment, not random agency staff dealing with a whole range of properties where you take pot luck on the day. You will be given their name and details on booking. In addition we have our excellent local manager Lorenza for any problems that might occur 24/7 and whose mobile number you are also given. She can be contacted in any out of office hours emergency.

Things to do in Venice
We regularly update you via our monthly newsletter on things to do in Venice. In addition our local manager Lorenza can arrange anything for you from italian lessons, private dinners, private art tours and bespoke cultural events to special occasion extras parties and even weddings.

Ann-Marie Doyle

We value your custom and consider you our most important client - much of our business comes by word of mouth and we understand the value of personal recommendation and personal service.

We look forward to meeting you!

Ann-Marie Doyle

Ann-Marie Doyle
Director Venetian Apartments / Venice Sotheby's Realty

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